Twinning 26-28.04 Haarlem Kingsday Weekend

Save the date 26.-28.04. 2024

Info from Lisa, The Kennemerland Twinning officer:

As you already knew, Twinning will take place from April 26 to April 28 this edition. We welcome you to cozy Haarlem. Just this weekend, our 👑King 👑happens to have his birthday. In the Netherlands, this is accompanied by lots of fun parties and a whole lot of orange!🥳

We are still busy with the exact activities, but homemade apple pies play a delicious role. On Friday, you can expect an original company visit. We are also going to bake apple pies, BUT we don't do this just for any reason!🤔👀

On King's Day, it's a tradition for JCI Kennemerland to sell homemade apple pies for charity. This has been happening for more than 55 years! A real glimpse into the kitchen of our Chamber that we would like to share with you. 🥧We will sell the apple slices in short shifts at a traditional Dutch 'kleedjesmarkt' (flea market). After that, it's time to explore Haarlem and have a drink(maybe some more)!

For Sunday, we have a few options open. Count on a cozy brunch!

Updates will follow as we go!

More about the chamber: https://jci-kennemerland.nl/
and on instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jcikennemerland/

What is twinning?

Twinning, within the context of JCI Central Park, refers to a dynamic and collaborative network established with three JCI (Junior Chamber International) local organizations: JCI Kennemerland from the Netherlands, JCI Brügge from Belgium, and JCI Béziers from France. The roots of this Twinning network were planted a decade ago with JCI Kennemerland and JCI Brügge, and it has since grown into a flourishing collaboration. Twinning has been part of the JCI culture for long before.
The Twinning activities are diverse, encompassing Twinning weekends, common projects, and gatherings during international conferences. A distinctive tradition within this network is the annual Twinning weekend. During this special event, each local organization takes turns inviting members from the other organizations to their hometown for a weekend brimming with activities. These weekends are characterized by a rich tapestry of experiences, including company visits, immersion in country traditions, engaging team activities, and ample opportunities for relaxed networking.
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