International Career Building 25.03. from 17:30-->

Are you interested in working abroad or otherwise making your career more international?

As part of the mentoring program Keskuspuisto organizes an event focusing on international career building where you’ll hear about what it’s like to search for jobs and work abroad by two experts by experience Andrew Baxter and Anna Coulthard. You’ll also hear tips on what you should take into account if you wish to build yourself a more international career path. Event is open for all members of Keskuspuisto. Note that event will be in English.

Welcome to learn and also share your own tips and experiences with others internationally minded jaycees! Please prepare some questions in advance!

When: Thursday 25.3. at 18.00. You can arrive 17.30 onwards. Duration about 1,5 hours after which participants of the mentoring program are encouraged to stay and share their progress and insights about mentoring so far.

Where: Teamtailor’s office at Kalevankatu 9, Helsinki.

For who: All members, trial members, honor members and senators of Keskuspuiston nuorkauppakamari. Those that are participating in the Mentoring program are seen as priority participants.

Participation link: https://www.lyyti.in/International_Career_Building_9141
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