Eurooppakokouksen 2021 suomalaisten palkinnot

Debating & Public Speaking

Debating Champions (English): JCI Finland (JCI Keskuspuisto. Team: Laura Merisaari (capt.), Minna Karjalainen, Hanna Muukka)
Debating Champions (German): Die Meister
Public Speaking Champion: Ding Ma, JCI Finland (JCI Lappeenranta)

Best JCI RISE Project

Local Business Empowerment – Fighting Back Covid-19
JCI Aurajoki, Finland

With this project, JCI Aurajoki was able to help local small business owners, as well as businesses, cope with the significant difficulties brought on by Covid-19. This project set out to remind everyone that we need each other to live and keep society standing upright. The project brought more than €150.000 of turnover to local businesses that would likely have otherwise been missed for entrepreneurs and businesses in the Turku region

Best Inter-organization Collaboration Project

JCI Keski-Uusimaa, Finland

The achieved goal of Project JCI Full House (in Finnish JCI Täys10) was to offer a training series of 10 weeks, 10 trainings virtually in spring 2020 to support members of JCI Finland in difficult times to be more ready to find work, consult on how to build their own personal brand, lead to finding their inner and spiritual resources and encourage them to feel better by healthier eating habits. In addition, the series offered members the possibility to develop work life skills such as project management, increasing sales, service design, building a web shop and skills to working remotely and how to motivate remote working as a leader. An exceptional collaboration project, JCI Full House was organized by four small chapters geographically close but split to different regions.

Best National Flagship Program

Togethernet 242h – Online learning journey
JCI Lappeenranta, Finland

From the 17th to the 18th of April 2020, Togethernet 24h – Online learning journey event was able to gather 2500 participants from 85 countries. Participants were able to learn from professional keynote speakers and training while focusing on the themes of leadership, communications, sales, motivation, sustainability, creativity and more. Through this project, JCI Finland was able to give participants new skills, a sense of community and motivation to be outstanding young entrepreneurs.

Most Outstanding Local Organization

JCI Oulu
JCI Finland

JCI Oulu took the message “Bridge the Gap” seriously. This past year they renewed their strategy in order to give their members more possibilities to create positive change via 16 quality training aimed at developing work-life and entrepreneurial skills, eight projects, a Quality project Management Trainer School and collaboration with the Oulu Chamber of Commerce and Business Oulu. JCI Oulu was able to reach over 3500 people nationally, creating greater visibility as an organization.

Most Outstanding New Member
Samuli Rintala
Loimaan Seutu, Finland

In his very first year as a JCI Member, Samuli Rintala lived out the values of JCI in every way. Since being accepted as a trial member, he has been actively involved in all kinds of JCI activities, serving as project manager in three local implementations of projects and competitions. Under his leadership, the victory in the social series of the national competition “Productive Idea” came to the local chamber, and it gained a huge amount of national and international visibility in line with its values and strategic goals. His extensive experience in organizations has been a huge benefit and joy for the chapter and is seen as a true inspiration.

Most Outstanding Member

Elina Lähteenmäki-Ikonen
JCI Havis Amanda – Helsinki, FInland

Elina Lähteenmäki-Ikonen exemplifies what it means to be an outstanding leader and has demonstrated outstanding capabilities as a young enterprising leader by taking over many responsibilities. Elina organized a safe, physical JCI event that kept over 50 people employed by small businesses, held responsibility for a project with a €100,000+ budget, negotiated a €45,000 partnership for her Local and National Organization and successfully led a team of 20+ people. Elina strives to develop younger members of her Local Organization by encouraging and empowering them, and by unleashing their true potential. Elina is a coaching leader who always lifts up others, and she leads by example as a dynamic and forward-thinking entrepreneur.

Kuva:  Erwan Hesry on Unsplash
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